Extreme Joy

Extreme Joy

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March . . . How did you get here so fast?

Wow is all I can say. Here it is March and I'm wondering where January and February are. Now, let me think. Oh, now I remember, those were the past two months that I have been on a 90 Day Fitness Challenge with Phil and Amy Parham.

The difference between Jan. 8th and today, Mar. 3rd, well, it's 12 lbs and 11 inches. The challenge has been just that, a challenge, but I am continuing day after day with making better choices in what I eat, exercising daily, and drinking more water.

I have tried to lose weight many times, just as others have, but for the first time I'm doing it the right way. If you are interested, check out Phil and Amy Parham's book, "The 90-Day Fitness Challenge" published by Harvest House Publishers.

Want to see what my life has been like since January 8th, visit my blog at http://fbcm90daychallenge.blogspot.com/ where I have been writing daily about my journey.

I will check back in soon at Extreme Joy to share all about what the Lord has taught me while going through this challenge. And it's just that . . . EXTREME JOY!!!

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